Blog Podium: What I took away

I had the absolute honour to meet and listen to some incredibly inspiring people this past weekend. I attended BlogPodium at the Hyatt Regency in Toronto with a large group of very talented bloggers from all over Canada, and the United States. There is so much I want to talk about, but I’ll leave the nitty gritty stuff to the other bloggers. I want to focus on something a little more personal.

The following three women whom I met at Blog Podium, really left a mark.

Firstly, I met Sarah Richardson. Yep – the HGTV host, interior designer extraordinaire. A group of 9 other bloggers and a few special guests had the opportunity to tour her studio, chat with her about life, and see all her gorgeous new fabrics. Sarah is sweet, funny and quirky – in the best way possible, of course. I felt like she was the perfect person to be the keynote speaker the following morning. Her perseverance is really something to be admired. I also met her fantastic PR lady – Deb McCain. She really is the definition of boss lady. If I could be an ounce of what she is today – I think I would be happy.


Sarah Richardson dishing the names of the artists featured in her studio


One of the fabrics in the Sarah Richardson line of fabrics by Kravet

And Meredith Heron. I’ve never really been star struck – but she definitely did it for me. She’s just as hilarious and unapologetically confident in real life as she is online, which is refreshing. I had the opportunity to sit in her session about how to make social media and business work together. It was good to know that what I’m on the right path in my own career.

Which brings me to a whole other topic, myself. I realized that I need to be more confident in what I do. I only graduated a little over 2 years ago, but I really do know my shit and I’ve been selling myself short.

So, here’s the plan:

• complete blog redesign (thankfully I have an incredibly talented boyfriend who can give me honest advice about this – because I’m certainly not a designer. He’s the best for giving me constructive criticism.)
• probably a blog name change – i feel like i can offer so much more that just a ‘mom’ blog
• more frequent posts about things I’m doing, seeing, interested in, uninterested in, cat photos, etc etc.
• maybe going back to school

This weekend kicked me in the ass. And hard. And I’m really stoked to see what comes of this. Fingers crossed. This may be a bumpy ride.

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